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Monday, June 7, 2010

Lovely children postcard

Postcard, dated 1917. Title: "A Gentleman with a bread rationing card! Your invitation is thankfully accepted."

French Rococo painting - 1770

Oil painting "The Love Letter," by Jean-Honoré Fragonard

Victorian women having Japanese tea party

Women Enjoying Tea, Dressing Up and Good Company

photograph of fashionable Victorian women

Fashionable Ladies of the Day 1900's.

Men's beachwear fashion plate - 1905

A 1905 fashion plate showing men wearing lounge suits as informal beachwear.

Men's overcoats fashion plate - 1901

A 1901 fashion plate of a Chesterfield overcoat.

Victorian fashion plate - 1829

"Newest Fashions for May 1829, Morning and Evening Dresses", a fashion plate from World of Fashion.

French fashion plate - 1778

1778 fashion plate of French court dress with wide panniers and artificially enhanced "big hair". Plate 43 in Galerie des Modes for 1778.
Caption: "Jeune Dame de Qualité en grande Robe coëffée avec un Bonnet ou Pouf élégant dit la Victoire. Dessiné par Desrais. Gravé par Voysant."

French fashion plate - 1865

Fashion plate (The immense shawl,point de gaze or application d'Angleterre) 1865

Victorian boys fashion plate - 1841

Detail of fashion plate from Petit Courier des Dames, 1841, showing boys clothing: a later skeleton suit on the left, and a knee-length dress with trousers or pantalettes

Men's coats fashion plate

The Gazette, Men's Coats Fashion plate, 1872

French geography book - 1888

French geography book "La deuxième année de géographie" by Pierre Foncin

French book - 1902

French book illustration

Early French book cover

Lovely early French book cover!

French book cover - 1885

Cover of the book "Les rêves et les moyens de les diriger" de Hervey de Saint-Denys

French book cover - 1867

Cover of the book "Les rêves et les moyens de les diriger" de Hervey de Saint-Denys

Botany illustration - 1823

John Franklin's first expedition (from Gray (France) Library book : Sir John Franklin - Narrative of a Journey to the Shores of the Polar Sea in the Years 1819-22. London: John Murray. )

Marbled end paper

Endpaper of a book manually bound in France around 1735 with handcrafted marbled paper. — The book is an edition of Horace’poems (Œuvres d’Horace), Paris 1735.

Marbled end paper

Handcrafted marbled endpaper from a book manually bound in France around 1843. (Title of the book: Œuvres complètes d’Horace, traduction de M. Goupy, quatrième édition, Paris, librairie d’Amyot, éditeur, Rue de la Paix, 6, 1843.) 

French Opera House, New Orleans - 1871

French Opera House, New Orleans, 1871. "Loges Grillees", latticed stalls which could be shut or opened for privacy or to socialize.

llustration of Madame Bovary by Gustave Flaubert - 1905

llustration of Madame Bovary by Gustave Flaubert - 1905

Le Corset Mystère advertisement

Illustration of The Story of a Modern Greek Woman -1784

Dictionary of French Architecture from 11th to 16th Century (1856)

French painting - 1844

Amsterdam, Copperplate engraving with etching. National Library of Medicine - 1690

Amsterdam, Copperplate engraving with etching. National Library of Medicine - 1690

Maypole Soap advertisement - 1896

Netherlands cereal advertisement - 1899

Corset advertisement The Ladies' World - 1896

W. B. Corset; Gracefully; Fitting; Corsets. W. B. Corsets add beauty and grace to any variety of figure and can be hat as easily as the awkward, uncomfortable kind. Made with 3, 5 and 6-hook clasps and in short medium, long, and extra long waist.

Palmolive Soap advertisement in Ladies Home Journal Magazine - 1922

Kirkman's Borax Soap advertisement - 1891

Barnum & Bailey Coney Island Water Carnival

La revue blanche by Henru de Toulouse-Lautrec - 1896

Absinthe poster - 1896

Postcard cancelled in London, August 1904, and taxed in Nanterre (France)

US postcard - 1881

Dutch advertising postcard - 1900

Advertisement for Fry's "Five Boys" milk chocolate - pre1911

advertisement 1900-1910

Benjamin motorcycle advertisement

Advertisement for Vilmorin seeds in Le Miroir - 1914

Marie Brizard advertisement - 1923

Hermès advertisement

Harper's Magazine - 1897

Bollinger advertisement - 1923

Hamlin's Wizard Oil - 1890

English: Hamlin's Wizard Oil, the greatest family remedy for rheumatism, neuralgia, toothache, headache, diphtheria, sore throat, lame back, sprains, bruises, corns, cramps, colic, diarrhœa and all pain and inflammation. Sold by all druggists. Advertising for turn-of-the-century miracle cure, chromolithograph by Hughes Lithographers, Chicago. Undated, estimated to be from around 1890.

Castor oil capsule advertisement

Front page of The Gentleman's Magazine, London, May 1759.

Musical instruments - 1700