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Friday, April 8, 2011

Colored Illustration, Birds and Lilacs, 1887

Colored Illustration, Birds and Lilacs, 1887
300ppi, 8x11"


  1. Hello! So happy to have found your site (via Pinterest) I use free online images to create vintage-style printables which I offer on my site, Lilac & Lavender :) I have a soft spot for images of birds, flowers, and general ephemera, such as letters or advertisements. Going to have a look around now :) Have a great day!

  2. Hi there! Love your website . . . so many beautiful things!! I'm looking at this one and thinking the flowers are wisteria rather than lilacs, based on the vines and leaves. Lilac leaves are heart-shaped. ♥

    1. Thanks 'shes so witte' for your comment. Your'e probably right about that. I'll have to do some digging into my images and see if I can find if that's the original given title or if I created it myself for the blog post. I will correct if it was my own creation.

      Thanks again!

      Arbutus Hunter